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Lakewood Used Appliances


The average household in Lakewood, WA has many appliances to satisfy modern day needs. These appliances may break down once in a while and have to be repaired. The repairs may, at times, involve replacement of defective parts. Getting the required appliance parts can be difficult for Lakewood residents performing do-it-yourself repairs.

Luckily, Pochel's Appliance Center is here to help. We supply appliance parts for numerous devices used in:

  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bathrooms

We also supply appliance parts to Lakewood residents for other home comfort equipment. From refrigerator parts to dryer parts to microwave parts and more - we stock them all. We strive to cater to the need for appliance parts for any and all Lakewood residents. That is why we carry appliance parts for appliances offered by almost all leading manufacturers, such as Crosley, Danby, Frigidaire, Amana, Speed Queen, and GE.

Lakewood Used Refrigerators


Freezers and refrigerators have to be extremely reliable, given that they are running all the time. When it is time to purchase freezer or refrigerator parts to fix your broken appliance in Lakewood, you should not try to scrimp and save.

You want to get parts of the finest quality that will help your appliance run, and keep it doing so for years to come. Still, you do not want to pay an unnecessarily high price for the freezer or refrigerator parts.

Get the freezer or refrigerator parts for your Lakewood kitchen appliance from us and rest assured that you're making a purchase that combines quality with economy.


  • Maintain strong relationships with all major suppliers and manufacturers
  • Stock genuine freezer and refrigerator parts
  • Never overprice appliance parts to profit from our customers' needs

Lakewood Used Washer and Dryer

dryer-parts-lakewood-waAll Lakewood residents who need washer or dryer parts to get their laundry equipment back in working order should come see us. We carry washer and dryer parts for all sorts of the latest and even not-so-new washing machines. We can supply washer or dryer parts to Lakewood residents for top-loaders as well as front-loaders.

As a family owned and operated business, we give top priority to customer satisfaction.

We do our best to provide washer and dryer parts for our Lakewood customers to:

  • Suit their specifications
  • Meet their needs
  • Fit their budget

Visit Pochel's Appliance Center to get top-notch dryer parts, refrigerator parts, and more. Lakewood residents can call us at (253) 948-0700 to see if we have the appliance parts they need.

We Service Major Brands Like...

Speed Queen, Fridgidaire, Crosley, Broan, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana