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Microwaves Ovens Save Time for the Tacoma Homeowner

microwave-ovens-tacomaThe hectic work life most people have these days leaves them with little time for important activities like food preparation. The different kitchen appliances they use have certainly eased things quite a bit and one of the most helpful and time-efficient of these appliances is the microwave oven.

Due to its ability to cook fresh food and heat up frozen, packaged or leftover food much faster than the traditional cooking methods, the appliance has become quite indispensible for the Tacoma homeowner.

Featuring microwave ovens from a number of reputable brand names such as Frigidaire, Crosley, Danby and more, Pochels Appliance Center is the best place to shop if you are planning to buy a microwave. We also have trained staff that can help you understand the different products on offer and assist you making the right choice that fits your lifestyle and cooking needs.

Microwaves are Easy to Clean in Puyallup Kitchens

microwaves-tacomaThe convenience afforded by a microwave oven is not limited to the cooking. In fact, cleaning the appliance is also equally easy and simple. With use, your microwave gets dirtied with the food splatters and starts smelling.

Cleaning it from time to time is very important. And, for that, just wiping the appliance inside out with a damp cloth or sponge is enough. The stubborn stains also don’t pose much problem and can easily be cleaned with a mixture of hot water and vinegar or lemon.

The ease of cleaning is indeed an additional feature contributing to the popularity of the microwave. So, how about enhancing your Puyallup kitchen with a top-of-the-line microwave from Pochels?

Microwaves Can Save 50% of Energy Costs in Puyallup Homes

microwaves-puyallupHave you been postponing buying a microwave because you feared that it would lead to an unaffordable jump in your energy bills?

Relax! We, at Pochels Appliance Center would have you know that, contrary to your perception, your microwave can actually reduce the energy consumption in your Puyallup home.

Microwaves complete the cooking real fast and, compared to the conventional oven, help you save nearly 50% of the energy expenses.

Now, what are you waiting for? Come to Pochels today and get the superior microwave oven that will make your cooking so effortless.

Searching for an affordable microwave oven that reduces your cooking time in the kitchen, lowers your energy costs and also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen? Visit Pochels Appliance Center!

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