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Tacoma Speed Queen

Speed-Queen-Tacoma-WAWith every day ending in a pile of dirty laundry, washers and dryers are indispensable in a modern home. Pochel’s Appliance Center helps meet this essential requirement by offering appliances from one of the most trusted laundry equipment brands – Speed Queen.

An investment in a Speed Queen washer and a Speed Queen dryer means that you receive products that have been carefully built and rigorously tested for delivering:

  • Powerful performance
  • Rugged durability
  • Long-term reliability

The Speed Queen washer and Speed Queen dryer offer you unmatched efficiency and convenience. Every load in your Speed Queen washer quickly gives you thoroughly clean laundry that becomes ready for use in no time after going through your Speed Queen dryer.

We offer new, as well as used, laundry appliances. Our used Speed Queen washer and Speed Queen dryer products are ideal if you are shopping with a limited budget, but are not willing to compromise on quality.

Tacoma Speed Queen Washer

Speed-Queen-Washer-Tacoma-WACheck out our Speed Queen washer products today if frequent breakdowns of your old washer have made your dread going to the laundry room!

Buying a new or used Speed Queen washer ends all your stress from the old washer. Doing the laundry is no longer a tedious chore, as a Speed Queen washer offers you the assurance of:

  • Simple and easy operation
  • Superior wash results
  • Hassle-free use for years to come

Moreover, the Speed Queen washer does not wear out your laundry. The smooth wash tub and gentle wash process of the Speed Queen washer is easy on fabric. You can count on your Speed Queen washer to get your clothes perfectly clean in every load, while also keeping them protected and undamaged.

Tacoma Speed Queen Dryer

Speed-Queen-Dryer-Tacoma-WAaTo complete your laundry needs, we supplement your Speed Queen washer with a Speed Queen dryer. With the Speed Queen dryer, you get an appliance that does more than drying your laundry:

  • A Speed Queen dryer saves energy and money by eliminating excessive drying
  • A Speed Queen dryer gives peace of mind by ensuring perfect drying all through its life
  • With its efficiency and durability, Speed Queen dryer delivers full value for money

Whether you get a new Speed Queen dryer from us or pick up a used one, the appliance is sure to make a perfect addition to your laundry room.

Call (253) 948-0700 to learn about the new and used Speed Queen washer and Speed Queen dryer products available with Pochel’s Appliance Center.

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